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Garden Center Products & Services

Pickup your landscape materials or get them delivered - most orders can be delivered to your home that day. Our Garden Center offers delivery service to many areas including Tannersville, Bartonsville, Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Mount Pocono and more. Contact us for more information or call 570-629-4344. 
TreesTrees and Shrubs from the Premier Pocono Garden Center

Trees, Shrubs

Our Nursery and Garden Center is the premier Pocono Garden Center. Pocono Farmstand and Nursery's Pocono Garden Center strives to bring you a wide selection of healthy trees and shrubs specifically chosen to thrive in our area and compliment your new landscape. Let our experienced staff show you around and help select your plants specific to your needs and conditions. Our experts are here every day to answer all of your questions and even offer suggestions for your landscape design. With our experts’ guidance and our guaranteed healthy plants, you can shop worry free!

VegetablesAnnuals, Vegetables & Perennials

Annuals, Perenials, Vegetable Plants

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, Pocono Farmstand is blooming with color, fragrant flowers and an endless selection of vegetables and herbs. Unlike the home centers, our Garden Center has an experienced staff of gardeners who are as passionate about plants as you are! We are here seven days a week to help you select your new plants and give you all the information you need.

Annuals - Color and continuous flowers all season long!

Perennials - Colorful when flowering and comes back every year!

Vegetable Plants - A simple, yet rewarding garden!

Vegetable gardens are an ever growing trend in these difficult economic times. As the prices of produce rises in the supermarkets, more and more people are growing their own vegetables and herbs at home. With the help of our professional gardeners, you’ll been eating your home grown produce in weeks!

During the vegetable growing season, Pocono Farmstand's Pocono Garden Center offers every variety imaginable. Countless types of tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, eggplant, squash and many more line our isles, as well as a whole assortment of herbs. Grow your own parsley, basil, rosemary, and thyme in your own back yard for a fraction of the price they cost in the grocery store.

Garden CenterLandscape Supply and Materials

Plants, Landscape Supplies

Here at Pocono Farmstand we also offer everything you need to make sure your new plants get a healthy start and live a long life! We are a fully stocked Pocono Landscape Supply. The Pocono Mountains terrain is not always the friendliest - many areas are rocky, sloped and uneven. With our landscape supplies including top soil and mulch, we can turn your Pocono backyard into something to be envied by your neighbors.

Bulk Top Soil, Mulch, and Stone

Mulch, Top Soil, Stone

We carry a full line of premium composted topsoil perfect for all your landscaping jobs, as well as a variety of different colored mulches and stone. Call us for more information on availability and color options.

Pick Up or Delivery

Delivery Services

All of our bulk landscape material is available for pick up in an open bed pickup truck during all hours of operation. Or, we can have what you need delivered right to your home usually the same day you order! Deliveries are dependent on availability and scheduling. Our Garden Center offers delivery service to many areas including Tannersville, Bartonsville, Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Mount Pocono and more. Contact us for more information.

Don’t know how much to order? Not a problem, just call us with the measurements of the area you are trying to cover and we will let you know how much you need!

Bagged Top Soil/ Mulch/ Stone

Mulch, Top Soil, Stone

For smaller quantities we have an inclusive selection of top soil, died and natural mulches and potting mixes.
Pond Supply

Pond Supplies, Live Fish

Waterfall features are easier to install and maintain than you think! Come on in and ask our pond specialist how to incorporate a pond or water feature into your landscape! Delivered weekly, we have a large assortment of koi and gold fish for your outdoor pond. As well as all the chemicals and supplies needed to maintain your pond.


Outdoor Furniture

Here at Pocono Farmstand we also have a full selection of outdoor furniture. We import our own containers, allowing us to price our furniture at as much as 50% of MSRP. We offer the finest quality full size all season wicker, the advantage that differentiates this furniture is the aluminum frame that won’t rust or rot and the resin material that replicates beautiful wicker that will not deteriorate! Please stop by to see the different style and color options available and set pricing.